• Zachariah Abraham

Starflyer pride themselves on the exceptional service they provide their clients. “immeasurable beauty, like a comet” is how they describe themselves. In an effort to challenge the limits of the best customer service an airline can offer, they are launching Chamber, their new premier business class. the airline needs me to create a new identity, distinct from their usual monochrome branding. One with a link to the real beauty behind a comet, the jaw-dropping array of colour & spectacle that trails one through the sky. This is the "immeasurable beauty" that inspires the identity created for Chamber. I am required to create a business class sub-brand for Starflyer Airlines. I must create a luxurious, brand-appropriate identity & launch a campaign targeting upper-class passengers, flying domestically. for the service.

My Solution?

A brand with a clean & simple, identity that utilises a liquified maroon texture juxtaposed with jet black solids & type that reflects luxury & showcases the true “immeasurable beauty” of Starflyer.
Lauch Campaign