• Daniel Swainson

Chameleon is an app designed to teach young kids about complex emotions. Kids between the ages of two and six can struggle to identify emotions in others. This may be due to a lack of emotional understanding, or simply because they have not yet learnt a vast array of emotions. They may be able to pinpoint these emotions in themselves, but until they learn them, they will struggle to identify them in others. Chameleon can be used at home, allowing parents to develop the emotional maturity of their children from a young age. I have developed a variety of posters and billboards that promote the app, the chameleon pack and the emotions Chameleon aims to teach your children. The Chameleon pack is a small box parents will be able to purchase, including goodies for your children such as a chameleon cuddly toy, stickers and weekly chart to track progress. The application is simplistic so that all ages can use it, games such as the one featured below allow your child to pick between various faces, choosing the one that depicts the specified emotion.