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We have to convince people to cast their vote for the Bulgarian finalist in the global search for world-chaning entrepreneurs Chivas The Venture. They were called Bee Smart Technologies and were finding the problem with the global extinction of the bee population.
If the bees became extinct that would mean that a great amount of the food we put on our table will also disappear. Thus my idea was to re-create works of classic literature with a twist – removing from their title a flower, animal or fruit that would be gone with the bees. That way "The Name of the Rose" became "The Name of", "A Clockwork Orange" became "A Clockwork", "The Silence of the Lambs" – "The Silence of", etc. On the back of each book we explained the dangers we all are facing, if we don't take action.
The campaign was a great success with Bee Smart Technologies finishing 7 out of 27 contestants in the online voting, leaving behind countries like the USA, Japan and others.

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