Cindy Sherman

  • Sarah Kettle

Brief: Invitation design for a high level client event being held at the National Portrait Gallery where guests would attend a private viewing of the exhibition 'Cindy Sherman'. The design must showcase Sherman's work being displayed at the exhibition.


Taking inspiration from Sherman's work I designed the invite to be a miniature magazine. The 'Cover Girl (Vogue)' photo was not allowed to be cropped to each individual cover & had to remain as one whole image. To get around this I created the magazine on one sheet, positioned folds over the image & cut across the paper's centre. This format allowed the page to be folded down into a magazine & also be pulled out by the recipient to stand up on their desk.

To keep the photographs in focus I used a mostly black & white colour palette for a complementary look with the artist's photographs. Alongside this, used a 70's inspired colour palette & pattern on a small area to contrast & make the 'Untitled Film Still #21' image stand out on the spread while tying in with it's 1978 creation date.

Selected a stock with a smooth glossy feel to mimic the pages of a magazine (G.F Smith, Heaven 42 Soft Matt, 135gsm).