City Sound Map

The purpose of the project ‘City Sound Map’ is to collect and map data about how people perceive sound and noise in cities. The brand aims to give information about the areas that are perceived as the noisiest or the quietest, and to offer an alternative way to navigate space.

The brand aims to bring improvement to the sound pollution of cities that affects people health. Putting data on a map can open new spaces for intervention, as the often unseen shapes and patterns in the city become visible.

The interactive maps will be composed of multiple freely available, community-generated data sources: the database mashes up all the data submitted by volunteers and create the entire sound map of each city. The app works together with a map provider (like Google Map or Open Street Map), that allows users to geolocalize the position that they wish to map.

According to the search criteria selected by the user (sound, hour of the day, location and emotion), the map will display different visual results on the same geographical location. In this way users are able to see how the urban soundscape changes according to the time of day. Also they can select a particular sound that they wish to hear, and the areas will be shown where that specific sound has been mapped mostly.

Finally the application allows users to design their own map so that they can contribute to the creation of the sound map of their city, voicing their point of view about the sonic environment.
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