• Begum Bahcecik

Founded in Istanbul in 1985, ÇKS is a producer and exporter specializing in a range of heat, sound and water insulation products. The Mission Empowering a company in a sector not known for embracing design or aesthetics to make its brand instantly recognizable in a crowded global marketplace. The Challenge Conveying the timeless and viscerally impactful message desired by the client in a universal way so that it could be readily applied to any new products developed in the future. The Solution Seeking commonalities cutting across the entirety of the company’s product range, I built a visual identity around the concept of waves, while matching the client’s desired boldness to my own signature crisp, lucid logotypes. The final design also enabled various product categories to be quickly distinguished from each other via different colors and subtle changes in shape. Like waveforms themselves, each variation on the logo can be instantly recognizable yet utterly unique × 2018