Clipper Teas - Flavour that Sings

Animation for Clipper Teas, in collaboration with Studio Noa Verhofstad.

Commisioned by Clipper tea, Studio Noa Verhofstad created the platform ‘Flavour that Sings’ producing an intricate papercut visual which captures the joyful, kaleidoscopic fanfare of flavour that every cup of Clipper delivers.
BLND were then brought on board to create a frame by frame handmade stopmotion video to bring the kaleidoscopic feeling alive.
Agency: Aesop / Produced by: Unit BLND are Daniela Uribe (VE) and Fran Marguez (SP); a directors duo that chop the standards, liquify ideas and mix techniques until they get that matchless creature; the one that stands with willing heart among the crowd. Like cashew cheese.
Blending a strong visual aesethetic with a playful approach, the duo work across stop motion, 2D animation, illustration and GIFs for clients such as Converse, TNO, WMF Functionals, Epsilon and Klick!
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Team Credits


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  • Directors duo (Represented by WE ARE GOODNESS)


  • Aesop


    • Hair, Beauty & Cosmetics

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  • Papercraft
  • Animation
  • Stop Motion Animation
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