Club Together

  • Christopher Burton

The Problem — Venues our held with contempt by our government. They don’t understand the significance of this sector, both to human connection and cultural development. With the advent of Covid, an already underfunded sector has come to a grinding halt. My Solution — Club Together is a pop-up exhibition that celebrates club culture and calls to attention the importance of these safe spaces. Alongside this, I have teamed up with the Music Venue Trust—the country’s largest charity for the preservation of venues—to create a real donation scheme that incentivises giving money with artwork rewards. The visual language was born from the togetherness venues promote, with the circle being a visual symbol for this. The colourful shards, made from broken bits of vinyl and a turntable drawing machine, play on the cyclical nature of records but gesture the breaking point venues are facing, by using broken pieces rather than a complete whole. The textures promote a hand-made, human-centric tone. The gender inclusive colour palette combines a sense of celebration and positivity (orange, pink, yellow) with sobering warnings about the state of the scene (blue, black and beige).