Solo Female Travel is still, in the 21st century, something that many women and their families are afraid of. Many women have a passion to travel the world and see new places, but no one to embark on this adventure with. There is a noticable lack of printed materials available to help solo female travellers, whilst on their travels and before hand.
The aim of this brief is to create a deliverable, using print as a media, to aid solo female travellers.

Coddiwomple (v.) To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.
Coddiwomple is a 12 page zine about a certain location, available from hostels and bars around that destination. This publication aims to put female travellers at ease in a new location, give them suggestions of where to eat and what to do, and also share stories of other female travellers. Coddiwomple will help them connect with the new city and make them feel more at home, whilst also empowering them. The design of this zine will be focused on photo-montage and D-I-Y designs through using a photo-copier. This will make the publication feel more home-made and more welcoming to the target audience.
Three Zines for:
Chiang Mai
Koh Pha-Ngan
These three zines all feature the Coddiwomple logo, which has been re-created individually for each zine using found lettering from the aforementioned magazines. This makes the logo fluid and changing between each of the zines. Each zine uses a colour on the front page and throughout some of the inside spreads. Green has been used for Chiang Mai as it is a very forested area, cyan for Koh Pha-Ngan as it is surrounded by the sea, and red for Sukhothai which draws from the red brick used in the ruins. The zines have then been stitched with thread of their respective colours.
Each zine contains an introduction article to the location, a spread which advises the audience what to ‘eat, drink, do’ and two articles. These articles relate to the locations and/or are focused on solo female travel. When selecting these articles, care has been given to choose only articles which empower and uplift the traveller, as one of the findings from the research was that guidebooks aimed at women often reinforce the notion that travel is risky for women. A centrefold collage is included in the zines which helps to convey the essence of the location.
The design of the issues features cut out text and articles, along with hand drawn elements, photo-montage, vibrant colouring, and wildly varying typefaces. This all draws from the Underground magazines of the 1960s. It also makes the zine feel more hand-made, unpretentious, and welcoming. The zine is to be given on display at local hostels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants to help the traveller connect to the destination and feel included in a community of female travellers.

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Emily Georgia Lord

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Emily Georgia Lord
Graphic Designer