Collabor-8: Taste of a Stone. Response to Otobong Nkanga

In response to the premise and context of Nkanga's work and previous iterations of this installation, we wrote up a proposal of what we planned to do in the interactive slots within the gallery spaces during the exhibition duration. Local groups and practitioners were asked to take the theme of the work and its sentiments and create situational pieces that reflected the concepts as well as generate further dialogue for the audience, and our idea was accepted to be part of this experimental dynamic to the exhibition.
The slow-paced, sensitive dance was choreographed in conjunction with a local young-people's dance troupe who we had collaborated with before several times and therefore had a strong affinity with them. We explored the themes of what it means to encounter intangible expectations and embracing the 'coming of age' stages of our lives.


Leila Duffy-Tetzlaff

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