Community Garden in Primary School - Slovakia

  • Lucia Matušíková
The idea of community garden came during summer of 2016, when me and my colleague Tinka, were sat at work, bored out of our mind, thinking of how beautiful it is outside and we are stuck in the place, that despite it treated us marvellously, we just could not see staying there forever. It was frustrating, but we came up with wonderful ideas, that we are slowly turning into real projects.
One of many ideas was to create a community garden - but a special one, one which will concentrate not only on growing plants and cultivating the town, but where the arts and community meet. The planned project came with a lots of innovating ways of growing plants, new and innovating flower pots for gardens, natural ways of preventing insects from parasitising on the plants… and it also came with the relaxation area made of wooden pallets, stage for performers and space for presenting visual art.
So far, in its second year of running we have got to the point where we are planning on building the small stage for performances and this should be finished in Spring 2019. It will be used for school purposes and children’s performances within their curriculum and outside of it. Bringing the garden to the local primary school has also improved the ways that the students could learn about nature, planting and community. And for us that is something we have done for our community and are very proud to continue with the project.