Conflicting Spaces

  • Ella Kenneally
  • Serena Brown

I began by looking into post-war Brutalist architecture and found that Brutalist structures tend to give a monolithic feel, appearing as if they were carved from a single, concrete block; almost imposing and fortress like. I was thinking about how I could create this illusion by grouping and layering my models and think of them to be carved from one block of stone. Through simple moments of connection between models and surfaces, it further emulates the structural support and the distribution of weight found in brutalist work. I wanted to keep my shoot stripped and raw, focusing on the garments and surfaces around them, and how the textures contrast with each other. With this in mind, I chose two collections that are very different. For example, Catherine Denniss’ collection has strong workwear and utilitarian style influences, whereas Courtney Howard’s collection holds softer more decorative features. This contrast is what inspired me to further explore the idea of conflicting spaces, looking at the contrasting colours, prints and textures within both collections and how I could inter-style these in relation to the setting. Photography by: Serena Brown Art direction and Styling by: Ella Kenneally Fashion Designers: Courtney Howard and Catherine Denniss Zine created by: Ella Kenneally

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