Connections was created in response to the D&AD 2017 New Blood Brief for Arjowiggins Papers which asked you to put Arjowiggins Creative Papers at the heart of a campaign, initiative, product or service for Facebook, Instagram or Sony Music and remind digital customers of the power of paper. 
Facebook’s mission is to ‘give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected’. ‘Connections’  is a campaign aimed at bringing Facebook’s mission to life. A collaboration between Facebook and Arjowiggins paper, using paper planes to connect Facebook users around the world. The paper planes are used as a prompt to start  conversations and build worldwide connections.
Step 1
You can get involved in the ‘Connections’ campaign via your Facebook account. The only people who can send and receive paper planes are those who are signed up to ‘Connections’. The campaign will be promoted across Facebook so it is as easy as clicking the adverts to sign up.
Step 2
You can sign up to ‘Connections’  through your Facebook account it takes a few seconds and all you need to give is your name, age, address and a fact about you to be included on the plane. 
Step 3
Choose the Arjowiggins paper that you want your plane to printed on and that’s it. Facebook will do the rest we will find you a match from around the world and send your plane to them so that you can start making worldwide connections.
To raise awareness for the campaign there will be posters and promotional material that will be shared in public and via Facebook. The posters will aim to encourage people to get involved in the campaign, by including campaigners names and growing numbers to show the growing support and involvement in making connections. Sticking with the plane theme the campaign material is in the style of the airport sign boards.
The paper plane will be sent in an envelope to stop damage on it’s journey, on the plane will be a fact about you that you will have submitted when signing up. This emulates the idea of wanting to get an message to someone far away and having to turn your note into a paper plane to get it to them. Alongside this there will be a plane ticket which gives details of the person who has sent the plane and how you can begin to connect with them via Facebook.
Why Paper Planes?
Planes allow us to travel and connect with the world, therefore they are a great symbol for making worldwide connections.

Team Credits

Heather Barclay

  • Message
  • Graphic Designer

Project Tags

  • Graphic Design
  • Campaign creative
  • typography
  • paper