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I'm taking a huge risk posting this on a platform as radically liberal as the Dots. But if you can't stand for ALL women and you can't stand for ALL diversity EVEN and ESPECIALLY ideological diversity, then you are not liberal. You are not progressive and most importantly, you are not tolerant. If you're pitching a kind of feminism that works for you and people in your community, but is really exclusive or demeaning to people outside that community, how can that really claim to be a feminism? It appalls me to watch conservative women being dragged through the mud publicly at the joy of 'liberal women'. RESPECT is not negotiable and it is NOT SELECTIVE. I've not seen a tolerance or acceptance from the left at all when it comes to women who differ from them politically. Is this the kind of society you want to live in and the legacy that you want to leave your children? FEMINISM IS LIFTING UP ALL WOMEN REGARDLESS POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. Here goes, and with this - goodbye! April N.

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I’m really disappointed in the way conservative women are constantly overlooked in the media. Huffington Post recently published an article titled,“15 Trailblazers On What History Books Will Say About Women’s Activism In 2018,” which featured prominent women who are leaders in their fields and movements.
AWESOME RIGHT? But wait. Not a SINGLE conservative woman was included despite the fact that many leaders in the conservative movement are strong women. FOR DECADES, the media have propagated the false narrative that the left have monopoly on women’s issues.
In November 2017, Glamour also failed to feature a single conservative woman in their Women of the Year awards. AGAIN, conservative women were left out. Women like Ambassador Nikki Haley were ignored despite her achievements representing U.S. interests on a global scale, while also pushing for women’s rights and human rights around the world.
When we are referring to women, we must refer to all women. When lists of prominent women are created, we must not forget the trailblazing conservative women who unapologetically fight for their beliefs and values.
If you ask women today, ‘are you a feminist’, most would say no. I find this very sad because feminism is really one of the greatest chapters in the quest for human liberty. I think the reason women like me reject feminism in its classical sense is because the radical left have hijacked the movement for their own political agenda. We feel that we can’t subscribe to the toxic and dangerous version of feminism they are offering.
I think it requires constantly reminding the left of what women face internationally and constantly deciphering the difference between inequalities and injustices.
I certainly think that women today still face injustices and those are things we need to talk about although I disagree with the hateful framework in which we are having the ‘feminist’ conversation.
Liberal feminism sometimes feels like an elitist, exclusive club where the rights of women are championed only if you are a certain brand of woman and only if it suits a liberal political agenda.
I’m a self-identified “opportunity feminist.” I believe in a feminism that prioritizes maximizing opportunities and choices for women, rather than seeing them as victims “that need every interaction regulated.” I find it VERY problematic that conservative feminism is considered an oxymoron. It is not. Feminism does NOT belong to ONE demographic of women with one set of ideological values. That concept is so vile and anti-women and illogical that it’s incomprehensible to me how it’s become accepted as the norm.
I look at myself as a product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances.
It may come as a surprise to some, but women are not a homogeneous mass of single-issue voters, pledging their support to a candidate solely based on their stance on equal pay issues or which party is better addressing the #MeToo movement.
If the modern feminist movement wants to succeed in empowering all women, feminists should value dialogue (especially with people with whom they disagree) and intellectual diversity.
Not only would feminism be more inclusive, but a conservative perspective could generate new solutions to tackling divides between men and women. Conservative women contribute a different, but valuable, perspective on social issues. We also bring drive and leadership skills that could inspire others.
I don’t tell women I disagree with that they ‘can’t be feminists’ but it seems very acceptable for other women to tell me I can’t or that ‘my version’ of feminism is ‘wrong’. It seems the norm now that when you think differently than the so-called “liberals”, you should be shamed and ostracized for not thinking like them.
Feminism should be building up ALL women, regardless of their political beliefs.
I really take offense to be told that I’m “disrespecting” myself because of my political leanings and it’s also discounting 37% of the population that actually identifies with, or fully embrace conservatism.
This is not how we as women should interact with each other. I respect your beliefs that I wildly disagree with and the least you can do is respect mine. Please ask yourself, if you’re pitching a kind of feminism that works for you and people in your community, but is really exclusive or demeaning to people outside that community, how can that really claim to be feminism?

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