'Contraseña: Pez Espada' (Password: Swordfish)

Two years ago, when my scholarship to study creative writing at the Contemporary Humanities School in Madrid had finished,all of the members of the course felt the urge to keep on creating something. This something had to be fresh, young, for and by young people that were willing to explore all the artistic posibilities. We wanted to be forced to create and be inspired by others' work.
In a lost rooftop party, while filming a videoclip, I just kept on thinking about the phrase 'Pasword: Swordfish' that had randomly popped into my mind. After a while I realised that I had heard it in a film made by the Marx Brothers when I was younger.
Two weeks after the co-producer of this project and me were building up a Wordpress website to have multidisciplinary platform where participants could post any kind of creation based on a random word once a month.


Maite de Orbe

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