• Thomas B

Full album, 2020 Written & produced by Autow Nite Superstore, Athens, Greece, 2019-20 Released by Klik Records, May 1st 2020

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Audio mixing & engineering by Autow Nite Superstore
Co-Mixing, premastering by John Valasis
Mastering by Kriton Kiourtsis
Front cover design by Effie Pappa
'Go Home Now' video

Directed & shot by Natasha Cantwell
Cast: Jack Bates, Kaela Daffara, Jasmine Dhakal, Andrea James Lui, Sean Molloy, Bella Skyriotis

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'Sharp, Sharp Blade' video

Directed & edited by Thomas Bal
Cinematography by Simon Wittrup, Hans Peter Schepp, Omri Ohana, Jonathan Vardi, Gabriel Tavares Vianna Stella, Karim Yatrib, Danil Rudenko, Yigal Ohanna, Logan McNay, Alex Botton

Note: Due to coronavirus outbreak, and respecting the public health guidelines, the scheduled shooting for the official music video of “SHARP, SHARP BLADE” had to be postponed. However, during this period we worked with footage by filmmakers around the world, which gathered and edited in a tryout to see what the result would be.

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