Coro Nero

The loss of all civic and human rights. At night, knocks at the doors and windows. Luggage packed in a hurry, physical abuses, death threatens, shots. A long journey by train, towards a terrifying unknown. Children who find their death squashed by other bodies in freight wagons. Children who, during the frenzy, are being pulled away from their parents, never to be found again. In short, the heart-breaking reality of the concentration camp, daily indigence, small victories, moments when one can catch a cockroach to eat for proteins. The gas chamber and the crematory can free one from this hell made by people, for people. “Coro Nero” surprises the journey of a group of Jews, leaving from a crucial event in their lives: a wedding, the panic of being sent away from their houses, the nightmare of the long train ride and the hell of the concentration camp. Their descent in hell grows to a universal level and it happens under the sign of the ardent wish to not be seen, to pass by unnoticed. I work, I keep silent, I am invisible… becomes a slogan for the most intense pain and fear. The relatively comfortable context of the daily life and the global society from the beginning of the 21st century, when apparently such monstrosities cannot repeat in the civilized world, transform the performance into a call for remembrance, emotion and piety. This performance is realized with the support of The Elie Wiesel National Institute for Studying the Holocaust in Romania and The US Holocaust Memorial Museum (Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive), who provided the videos and photographs used in the video projections.

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