Covered Market – Lyon, France

Type – Project
Phases – Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development
Year – 2009
Partner(s) – Robin Forget
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In France, people love to buy groceries at the open air markets that are organized on a regular basis in various squares or parking lots. There, one can find almost anything: from fruits and vegetables to clothes and home equipment. Shopping on the market allows clients to have a direct contact with the local farmers and so the origin and the quality of their production are guaranteed.
The project of a covered market is adapted to the temporary character of the event. Thus the construction is light and easy to mount, using wood as main material. The main goal is to insure a covered space for the market to protect it from a direct sun or rain. When the market is closed the structure can continue to serve its function to other events, i.e. exhibitions, meetings, fairs and more.
In addition to the rhythmic composition of wooden frames there is one big wooden volume whose role is to serve an enclosed and secure space for all type of cultural events. This volume is completely autonomous and can work with any opening hours no matter if the market is opened or closed. Its indirect sunlight coming from north through some big window screens is perfect for exhibitions.
In contrast with the main functions resolved by the use of wood, there are four small concrete volumes. Those are technical spaces, toilets and storages that complete the functionality of the project.

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