Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe

With £30 billion worth of clothes hung unworn in UK wardrobes, the impact of our shopping habits is having a devastating effect on the environment. But it is possible to make a difference within our own wardrobes - by looking at where we buy our clothes, what we buy, how we look after them and what we do when we are ‘finished’ with them.

Ways to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

1. The Capsule Wardrobe
Keep to one wardrobe. Having a smaller wardrobe limits the items you buy, if it doesn’t fit – don’t add to it.

2. Colour Block
Buying items which will match the rest of the wardrobe – this limits the amount of clothes and accessories you will buy and each item has many others to mix and match within the colour palette.

3. Mend & Repair
Repair clothes when they are damaged. Sew on buttons, re-sew hems, patch up holes and organically dye washed out colours.

4. Click Unsubscribe
Shopping habits come from style inspiration, so click unsubscribe on all the fast fashion emails that always lead to your unnecessary fashion purchases.

5. Clothes Swap
If you have clothes you do not want, fit or need anymore – organise a clothes swap event. Rather than throwing away clothes, you will be able to update your wardrobe with items from other people and recycle yours.

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