'Creation of Meaning'

  • Ioana Simion

“Is it possible to live on the earth peacefully? Is it possible to sustain life? Can we embrace an ethos of sustainability that is not solely about the appropriate care of the world’s resources, but is also about the creation of meaning - the making of lives that we feel are worth living.” (Hooks, 2009) 'Creation of Meaning' is a visual synopsis of a three part series of zine-making workshops entitled ‘Current State of Mind’. Facilitated by Ioana and designed in collaboration with local creatives, the series explores the deeper meaning behind three main concepts that encapsulate our human nature: belonging, identity and sustainability. The three scrapbooks or ‘albums’ are a DIY documentation of the workshops, meant to archive the sentiments and colours behind each individual who participated in the atelier and created a zine from scratch.