Crime and Art

The Thin Line between Greatness and Monstrous

Artists, well renowned and obscure, current and legendary all seem to walk a thin line between societal beasts and community gods for the contributions in their artwork. This for ranges from musicians, actors, comedians, producers, executive producers, writers and just possibly any kind of artistic position there lurk those who commit deeds that we wish we never knew of.
This to me raises the question of whether we can celebrate the art without celebrating or condoning the crimes done by said artists ( who I am going to try not to name, but so many movies/ documentaries are coming out almost creating the birth of a new sub genre of film: Biographies of the crimes that formerly 'great' people have committed with a full cast of victims) - Side Note just in case anyone reading assumes this; I am NOT condoning or shaming any of the victims that were submitted to the horrendous acts and should have to suffer because they were done by someone with more fame and money than the average person they should get away with it.
Some of these artists I am huge fans of their works, but stuck with the dilemma of internal questioning and interrogation: Such as "by listening/reading/appreciating this work by [insert name here] am I suggestively condoning this persons' lifestyle habits and heinous acts? This is quite hard to sit with as many people not just me, partially grow up with these artists and acts, partially influencing us throughout are lives. To me it's almost the equivalent to observing your Dad abuse your Mother, but you still love him, but can never tolerate what he has done.
This may also be a product of today's modern attitude and deification of celebrities and artists where, the next kid who shouts something cool or funny on Instagram can become the next biggest star, and those with ridiculous talents who have no popularity due to social skills, or social media skills cannot be able to keep up with the now famed trolls and new creatures that reside within the social media (or matrix for a better word).
Besides that people become more intrigued and interested with an individuals personal life, issues, beliefs and finally crimes as a footnote to their artistry and works that they produce. Creating a saturation of bad people, with good talents and 'interesting lives' getting away scot free from their responsibilities as people as they have transcended this law abiding citizen humanity, to do whatever they please to whomever they wish to.
The one thing that I feel has not been addressed as well, is that yes they are rich and famous, yes they have done something evil and disgusting. But we must also look and try to understand the factors and causes to their acts, not giving them immunity but see what people can do or try in order to prevent ordeals such as this to keep happening. As giving power to an individual who may not fully grasp, understand or even have the mental strength to handle or control this newly given power. When in fact that they could simply just that little kid who likes to make music. The mental strain and pressure that comes with this can be much harder than handling a rush when working in sales or a restaurant. Just imagine a world of people that you have never met or known, who adore and love you for some stuff you made when you were just trying to get some stuff out of your system, and now you must produce for their constant affection. This is a dilemma that I personally would not really enjoy as I have enough trouble impressing the people I live with, in comparison to the population of a small city.

Forgetten a majority of the time in all of these cases and scandals are the people around the 'superstar', those who run their lives, make decisions for their 'brand' and surround the person with falsehoods and a diet of ego-boosts in any which form they desire. We must never ignore that famed people are not usually solitary and have a plethora of yes-men and enablers to tell them what they want to hear and obtain anything they wish for, ignorant of morality and common decency. If we are to destroy and defame those who commit evil and wrongdoings we must aslo condemn those who say nothing and allow them to continue with it. It shows an inability to separate right from wrong and allow chaotic lives to be lived.
This is all in my opinion what makes an artist and what becomes their undoing, the fame and the fortune are both the devil and the angel on their shoulders, allowing anything to be possible for them, from their wildest and perverse dream to their greatest and most elegant nightmares. Certain writers and artists from years before, who have died and escaped the statute of limitations, could have also been monsters. In fact even Adolf Hitler was a painter before he become one of the most evil figures in human history. (Once again I DO NOT Agree with or accept any evil deeds or wrongdoings anyone has done/ just need to keep reminding you if you forget)
Business and art is another introduction and marriage that can seemingly be a part of what has caused this counterculture of rich people getting away with what they want because they can afford to. If you were an owner of a publishing, music company or art gallery and one artist has been bringing in great work for you raking in millions for you each year, and they commit a heinous deed or crime. It is fair to assume that they would do all they can to protect their cash cow, not the artist themself, but the work that is bringing in revenue for them. This would come in the form of rehab, settlement fees and all sorts to stop their investment from not being profitable anymore. This is another form of someone who doesn't enable these people to be criminals and live a life of infamy but instead a supporter who funds and advises them in ways to get away with or survive with their crimes in order to keep genearating wealth and profit.
When viewing this it still makes me wonder whether or not I can truly separate the art from the artists, whether it is reading their novesl or listening to their music, but it does allow an insight into a beautiful twisted mind of these talented. As they say most geniuses need to be insane, in order for them to function, but how far do we let rapists, murderers, drug addicts and etc. live on through their deeds and transgressions by the consumption of their work?

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