Crow Gin

Brief: Create a brand personality for a new gin

BRAND VALUES                                                     spiritual playful intriguing edgy MISSION STATEMENT ​​​​​​​Capturing the spirit of the Crow tribe in a bottle. BRAND STORY The legend has it that the indigenous people of the Crow Tribe held the spiritual Sun Dance, the ceremony of all ceremonies, where they gave thanks to Mother Earth. The mystical elixir was drunk by the highest members of the tribe at the sunrise, handed down by the medicine man. As the drums started to repeat the heart to the universe they felt the connection with the wild powers of nature. The mixture that changed colour from purple to Crow Pink was a symbol of the day overcoming night, good overcoming evil. The secret of that was in the magic botanical unique only to the Yellowstone River Valley.  The recipe of the drink was hidden in a puzzle for centuries. One will find the recipe buried in a chest, where the eagle and bison shadow cross each other, west from the oldest tree in the valley. As the protection of our heritage and nature is deeply important to us, we proudly partnered with Yellowstone Forever foundation. By buying one of our products you support the conservation of magical and unique Yellowstone Park.
Final logo design is based on the brand story, 
the eagle and bison shadow crossing each other. 
The style of the logo was influenced by traditional beading. 
The old craftsmanship, the Crow Nation is famous for.
Premium gin edition. Deep purple gin with 
golden spark. Bringing back 20s XX as the  brand will be launched in 2020.
Design of the point of sale 
using the grid from the logo.
Ambient media for the gin. The idea of time  passing time and apparent position of the Sun  in the sky comes from brand story. 
The oversized bottle reproduction works as a gnomon
which castsa shadow onto the dial and tells the time. 
The slogan ‘it is gin o’clock’ implements that it is always
the right time for the Crow Gin.
Ambient media, the aim is to build an exciting  brand and provide consumers with an intriguing  experience. By sponsoring skate events the brand  is able connect with the audience that  represents  the same values as the Crow Gin.

Team Credits

Jagoda Wrobel

  • university student


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Jagoda Wrobel
university student