Cuba for WSJ Magazine

Andrew Jacobs shares a Cuban travel story with the Wall Street Journal Magazine. "In 2017, I traveled to Havana to work on a commercial campaign at a time when the Obama administration relaxed travel restrictions between the US and Cuba. Until then, I never had the desire to shoot documentary images. Cuba was transformational. I was enthralled with the vibrancy and intensity of the culture; a world so close to ours and yet so different, so misunderstood and mysterious. I made friends with our local producer and traveled back in the summer of 2019 to focus on documenting and learning as much as I could. We drove around the country from dawn until sunset for two weeks taking in as much as possible. Cuban life is lived on the street and on the stoop. However, in the searing summer heat, so much is hidden away behind closed doors and shuttered windows - meant to keep the heat at bay without air conditioning. It was a privilege to be allowed an intimate look into the lives of all I met traveling through the country." - Andrew Jacobs Local production by Talia Bustamante

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