Cuba, moving forward...

An opportunity to capture a country in transition. Having lived in London for twenty-five years I was about to get a culture shock courtesy of Cuba. I feel what I captured evokes a balanced critique on a country whose clock stopped ticking more than a century ago.

Thirteen floors below our rented casa. Two mecahnics renovate cars from 1950's America.
A 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe Bel Air interior. This particular motor was a taxi. You'd be hard pushed to find a vintage car that wasn't a taxi in Cuba.
The Cubans have this timeless philosophy where their mood is not affected by circumstance. This man personifies such. I had to connect with him.
In a modest resturant the sounds of samba are played out into Havana streets. The female is adorned in every aspect of Cuban culture.
Out side the resturant sits a man with a story. A dog and a rat for companions he ushers me with his finger to come closer.
After that, I sit down with my father to share a mojito.
The resistance of American influence is laudable. Their is a comical irony in this photo. Perhaps one day Cuba will rise form the ashes?

A quick investigation.

Angel (left) can speak three languages and has a degree in Law and Literature. Lucky because my father can only speak one language.

Angel welcomed us into his bedroom and shared a reading of Sherlock Holmes. His reading was impecable and his warm heartedness palpable.
The mantanence of buildings is needed. It does seem as if most of Cuba is crumbling.

A female Dachsund poses for the camera outside a resedentail block.
My favourite image from my time in Cuba. The colours, the movement, the face, the belly, the vest, the hair, the wheel. Just everything about this photo works. This photo is the closest to a representation of all that Cuba is.
Ray (left) & Glendis (right). From the thirteenth floor of their casa. We were lucky enough to have stayed with these two wonderful people. Ray is a master cake baker and Glendis a chambermiad. Glendis had a beautiful feminie energy that makes you feel happy and welcome with every encounter and Ray, a maticulous cheff who had a brotherly aura. I left discussing the future of Cuba. Ray invited me to visit again. I said "Only if you get a boat Ray!" - It is law and custom that no one is aloud to privately own a boat in Cuba.

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