Cuidados Pessoais

'Cuidados Pessoais' sees the coming together of self-portraiture and intimate acts of self-care to portray quieter notes from an altogether chaotic life. The project celebrates the simple pleasures in taking time to care and nurture for oneself, an act I find beneficial, in order to feel content and peace within simple acts of 'self-love'. The project stemmed from my fascination of people's behaviour online and how they affected others, but more so how they affected me. Bombarded every day with unrealistic portrayals of 'beauty', it took a huge toll on my physical and mental health and I knew I was not the only one. So I explored these simple yet intimate acts that helped allow me to realise my worth and value. At least at that moment in time. Through the duration of this project I learnt that whilst these acts can be very beneficial, it's very important to note that self-care is much more than yoga or having a bubble bath. Self-care or self-love is waking up to face the day. It's doing what you can to get through life. There are many people who do not have the privilege of having a bubble bath or buying themselves flowers. And what's more, it is important to note that whilst all these acts help, they do not and never will 'fix' anything. True love for yourself, true acceptance comes from something more terrifying and raw. As a way to experiment with my works, I created an Instagram account (now deleted) with images from the project. This allowed me to turn what could sometimes be a very difficult and frightening thing for me, into something positive and empowering, as then it didn't just change the way I viewed social media but also the way I used it. Whilst this did work for a while, it was scary and caused me great anxiety, especially as my relationship with social media has always been...delicate, to say the least. In fact, I have recently deleted all social accounts. Unfortunately, it came to a point where I truly believe I am much better off without it. I am telling you this as I believe authenticity is crucial here. I don't regret the project as it was what was relevant to me at that time in my life. I actually want to carry it on... just a little differently. This time without social media!

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