Cumbria Wildlife Trust

A live project working in teams to produce a series of show banners.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is the only voluntary organisation devoted solely to the conservation of local wildlife and of the wild places of Cumbria. They stand up for wildlife, create wildlife havens; and seek to raise environmental awareness. Earlier this year, they presented at a conference, showing progress on one of their projects – a small landscape area called Eycott Hill – and how conservative farming can help everyone.
CWT gave us a 30-page report on Eycott Hill which covered the technical details of the landscape over at two points in time (T1 in 2011; T2 in 2017) and asked us to show all of the positive aspects they had improved (of which there were many). They wanted banners split into categories showing all of their technical information presented in an accessible and friendly manner.
The backgrounds of the banners are loose illustrations of the landscape of Eycott Hill, and when presented together in order, they line up and form a continuous terrain view of the land. Across our year group, there was five teams of three (including myself and my team) who proposed banners to CWT. Out of these five, my team's were selected, and went on to be featured at the talk in February.

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