CupClub is a poster child for sustainable, circular design

  • Safia Qureshi
It is a cup as service, rather than cup as product.
Marcus Fairs writes a great intro to an interview:
Architect Safia Qureshi wanted to change the world but ended up designing private houses for rich people. So she invented Cupclub, a circular-economy service that could eliminate single-use coffee cups.
It is actually a very clever idea: a polypropylene cup and with a polyethylene lid and an RFID chip in the bottom so that it can be tracked. The designer tells Fairs in Dezeen:
You just drink and drop. You go to your favourite coffee shop – at the moment that will be in offices and university campuses. You order your coffee with the Cupclub product. The barista will remind you to put the cup in one of the collection points when you’re done, and that’s it. Our orders are directly with the retailer; consumers don’t pay any extra.
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