Custom Sleeve Box in Canada

  • alex besander
Custom Sleeve boxes in Canada are popularly known as "circular containers" and are used to pack groceries, dry cleaning, and other household items. They are also used to pack gifts for loved ones overseas. The most popular sleeve products in Canada include wine, canned goods, and frozen foods.

Sleeve boxes in Canada come in a variety of sizes, which depend on the type of product. Some of the popular items included in this type of packaging supplies are shampoo bottles, can openers, laundry detergent bottles, cigarette lighter bulbs, non-perishables, batteries, cameras, lenses, cell phones, computers, and stereo equipment. They are available in many materials to suit a wide range of needs. Materials like vinyl, cardboard, and heavy-duty plastic are used to manufacture them. The width of sleeve boxes in Canada also depends on the size of the items that they are meant to pack.