CUT! Magazine

Cut! magazine is diriged to people of the artistic ambit or anypeople, who is interested and have curiosity about it.
Our magazine, isn’t an usual informative mag about film, we keep in mind art and artists of the moment. We have de ned the concept of it, based in a clear layout, easy reading and with an innovate content, with differents sections that you can nd in industry offers. Also, we’ll colaborate with alternative artists in each issue.
The cover, is based in Richard Kelly’s lm, Donnie Darko. I use Mudbox programme.

Team Credits

Mónica San Pablo

  • Message
  • Graphic and Multimedia designer

Project Tags

  • graphic communication
  • Graphic Design
  • editorial design
  • Magazine designing
  • Identity and brand design
  • Illustration
  • design
  • Colour Design
  • layout design
  • adobe