D&AD: Break New Ground in Beauty Branding

D&AD New Blood: Break new ground in beauty branding - Subvert the typical beauty branding conventions to create a cosmetic brand that is fluid and gender neutral.

In response to the brief, we created a gender-neutral brand, that is reflective of society today’s refusal to be labelled, and identified with a specific gender. This product is aimed at males, females, and non-binary genders, which is reflected through the minimalist gender-neutral packaging design.

We have also subverted the typical marketing of beauty products today, that rely on flawless photoshopped models to sell the products, setting unrealistic beauty standards.

The name ‘I am’ suggests that the product becomes you, and the user defines it, rather than the product defining the user.

Using recyclable glass bottles, giving customers the option to refill them at a fraction of the price, or return them to us to recycle in exchange for a discount off of their next purchase.

From our research we found that the products most people use every day are face wash and moisturiser. To complete the set, the packaging will be applied to a sustainable micro-bead free exfoliator.

Our brand refuses to associate anyone’s face to the campaign, rather focusing on the fact that the product can be used by any skin type, any gender and any person. Most beauty products today rely on a flawless model to sell the product, however, this can be very misleading and sets unreal expectations of beauty. Therefore, we asked all kinds of people to honestly describe their skin for our campaign, with a close up of their skin, to emphasise the fact that the product is versatile, and for all.

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