D&AD New Blood 2016 #OurVoiceForTheirs

  • Michael Watson

Brief: Empower and activate 18-25 year olds who have heard of Amnesty International, but don't understand what the organisation does.

With the video being quite quick through the slides was because we we're proposing this video for people who knew their own content and we were trying to fit as much information into 2 minutes limit.
So to compile everything we did to get to this stage here's our thought process.
First of all we wanted something that would take off virally and being of the age range we knew how to tap into our own audience. Social Media posts are taking the world by storm, we wanted a quick viral hit that anyone could jump onto.
How did we do this? A unifying action anyone can do.
Not only does it show unity against the oppression of free speech, but also support to those being oppressed around the world.
The more we researched on how brands are getting simple ads into our everyday social platforms we discovered how easy it actually was.
Using the 4 point Instagram slides we created a "3 Step System" literally spelling out how we want people to get involved.
With mine and my partners attention span being worse than a fish we had to create something vibrant, eye catching and worth reading into.
Stories - Reading the stories is first, raising awareness of the violations of free speech happening globally.
Sign - A simple signature on a petition makes all the difference to those in need, as our signature numbers grow, so does our success.
Share - Inspire others to get involved by sharing your opinion on what is happening around the world or even sharing your selfie doing our signature gesture!

Ontop of the attention idea we needed a quick way to inform the audience when they're on the website.
How do we do this? What's on trend?
One page websites.
All the information we need, as simply as we can possibly get it; every button on that one page.
With tick counters showing our exact movements showing people this is a real thing and real people want to help.
Updating with new stories everyday and links to our social media so you could follow the story and other peoples stories.
With striking taglines and visuals we wanted this as simple as possible.

With the physical advertising, we wanted to capture peoples attention where we thought they'd see them most; city centres, college/uni and public transport links.
Our ads had two variations, the censored posters that aim to start conversation among people and the campaign posters, outlining the signature gesture alongside the hashtag.
With the taglines through-out the campaign being bold and striking but beautifully presented we wanted people to see these before anything else.
Knowing Amnesty International use very bold imagery we wanted to cut back from that so it was a fresh new method with the audience in mind.
Visable on all of the outdoor campaign adverts as well as the webpage and social media posts, the taglines have a joining element showing some of the so called "crimes" being committed by the oppressed. This coupled with simple illustrations and hand lettering makes quite a harsh subject seem approachable
*Imagery used is for brand proposal only, all rights to their respected owners

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