Daily Essentials

  • Emily-Jayne Nolan

I went down to my local shop, "Daily Essentials" as part of my personal project focusing on small businesses and the effects of the pandemic in a positive light. I had a chat with Imran and took photos of the two owners, Imran's dad and uncle.

This shop was our go-to during the first lockdown. It literally has anything you can think of, sometimes we needed something specific and sometimes we'd just go in to have a look at everything �

I had a quick chat with Imran about Daily Essentials and their time during the pandemic - in a positive way of course!

What is one positive that came from the pandemic?

During the first lockdown when everything had to close, other than essential shops, we were allowed to stay open. Next door had to close so we made sure to accommodate everyone - the local residents, the businesses, the schools, the doctors etc. We had competitive and affordable everyday essentials. I remember my dad telling me that he'd go home every night and his hands were aching from the amount of customers they had served. My uncle was going all round London to get stock for customer requests.

How long have you been on Roman rd.?

We've been here for ten years, and we have two other shops in Bethnal Green.

Tell me a little bit about "Daily Essentials"

It is mostly run by family, it's a passion for us and all the family muck in and put in the effort to make sure that everything's going well. If customer's request something we can bring it in specifically for our customers. The team we have, everyone is passionate about the businesses, they're hardworking and dedicated. As a business we sell everyday essentials from; tissues, household products, literally everything (as you can see). We're a seasonal shop, so in Summer you will find gardening items, juicers etc. and winter will be heaters and blankets etc. At Daily Essentials we really care about our staff and we look after them. We pay for their breakfasts and lunches from the till as part of their benefits.

�️ �

So nice to meet everyone properly at their shop, especially after going in so many times during the lockdown. One of the best things about this area is the community feel, this was gained over the past year and a half, this is my positive from the pandemic.