Danio - Hunger Cry

  • Cyrus Vantoch-Wood
Disrupting the yogurt category.
Challenge-  In a cluttered category, Danio was loosing market share and visibility to a plethora of new and own brand product launches. Camouflaged on shelf with other similar yogurt products, all playing the same game. A generic category with few stand out brands. Danio’s point of product difference, is that as a slightly larger product, high in fibre - not only is it tasty, but it is more filling. Great to eat as a snack…
Idea - Our data revealed that these product attributes had resonated with an unusual group. Our audience was skewing towards millennial, urban men over women. Strange for yogurt products. The filling factor helping quench their manly appetites. Here we saw an opportunity to challenge the category conventions and disrupt the usual channels, techniques and occasions we use to reach our audience. Highlighting the usage phenomenon and massaging it further. We needed to get millennia's (very hard to reach) to really take notice of Danio.
There are 2 kinds of hunger. 1 comes from your belly. The other from your ambition. Put the 2 together and let it out in a HUNGERCRY! Not just a campaign. An own-able behaviour.
We began by seeding this masculine action with influencers who resonate with our identified audience. Building momentum, we then bought in our die-hard fans, asking them to participate in social channels. Finally, we opened up to the public via our audio reactive vending machines. Giving people the chance to cry hunger, and delivering them with a reward for doing so.
Over 15 million views across all content (earned, owned and paid), 8 million driven from owned and earned platforms.
735% increase above KPIs on completed views.
+12% average sales volume over the course of the campaign across all UK major retailers.

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