DAZED - A Drag Mother’s Day Message

  • Emilie Bruyere

Mother has arrived! Celebrating motherhood in all its forms, drag queens share their favourite memories, and the best advice they’ve received from their chosen families. https://www.dazeddigital.com/life-culture/article/48475/1/drag-queen-mothers-daughters-celebrate-what-family-means-mothers-day Featuring Mahatma Khandi https://www.instagram.com/mahatmakhandi/ Lagoon Femshayma https://www.instagram.com/lagoon_fems... Shea Khan https://www.instagram.com/sheakhanage/ Ore-Ho https://www.instagram.com/diptheoreho/ Petite Lamé https://www.instagram.com/petitelame/ Hermione https://www.instagram.com/hermionefal... Concept Emilie Bruyere, Georgie Daley and Vanessa Hsieh Film and Edit by Georgie Daley Producer Emilie Bruyere Interviews by Vanessa Hsieh Production Assistant Cleo Foster Graphics Callum Abbott


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