Visual identity, exhibition design and CG imagery commissioned by the Creative Exchange and Neville Brody. The DDN exhibition at FACT gallery in Liverpool proposed that our ability to live with digital technology depends on our capacity to create new kinds of space. Space for individual and collaborative creativity, for agreement and disagreement and for finding meaning in lives lived between physical and digital realms.
I visualised the idea of digital public space in a video installation at the event, by producing a flowing CG textile surface. It represents a landscape with infinite variations of risk and oppertunity. The textile surface is patterned with a grid, along which nodal points move. Individuals are connected, yet each is navigating thier own trajectory accross the evolving topography.

Team Credits

Liam Morrow

  • Message
  • Graphic Designer & Speculative Product Designer

Project Tags

  • Motion
  • Typography
  • exhibiiton