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Back in Brazil in 2010, I was living in São Paulo and looking for Job. I also started looking for mobile and broadband network providers and I was very confused about how to choose the right one for me. I spoke with others and they were also confused, as they couldn’t understand the mess involved in choosing the most used communications service. I’ve looked for comparison sites, and there were none. I rented out my flat in São Paulo to have an income and developed a comparison website at my parents’ house in the living room with 3 developers.
Working with technology was something I never even thought to do, I dived into it, based on comparison sites I’ve used in Europe, but in Brazil the way of doing business and telecom were completely different.
I founded JáComparou, and 10 months after the application, as well as pitches and negotiations, I received investment from 4 investors: Antonio Junqueira, Luiz Neves from Gávea Angels, as well as Pedro and Mike, the Founders of ACE – the best accelerator in Latin American now.
In 2014 the Group L4S sales call center operation bought 70% of JáComparou to Innovate their Portfolio, and as a good client, they needed to generate more leads for their call center operations.

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