Decode The Arts

Brief: Save The Arts

Problem: Not enough people are willing to view 'The Arts' as they feel that they cater to a specific type of person. They also find the arts difficult to understand.

Insight: Everybody has their own interpretation, which is just as valid as anybody else's. However, not many people feel comfortable expressing their opinions to others.

Solution: Invite the public to share their interpretations, to let them know that art is easy to decode and can be understood by everyone

Target: 15-25 year olds

We discovered that not enough people were viewing The Arts because they didn't find The Arts relatable to them. The Decode The Arts Campaign has two main aims, firstly, to create awareness of The Arts and secondly, to show people that their interpretations are valid.

Campaign Structure: Ambient/Live Print Ad/Mobile App

Watch our proposal film to see how we planed to implement the above mentioned.

Art Director: Annie Long

Copywriter: Shana Dandeniya