Design Works #2: The Women of the Bauhaus

  • Geoffrey Bunting

Design Works is a platform designed to provide contextual design to those who have missed out. Whether you didn't engage with it effectively while studying, self-started and didn't undergo any contextual studies, or want to get a head start, Design Works is designed for you. In each episode, we explore the history of art and design - often through the scope of the people who were there. The second episode looks at the women of the Bauhaus and how they formed the financial backbone of the Bauhaus school, yet the history of design rarely credits them with the work they did for the school. Having been lured to the school by Walter Gropius' overtures of equality, the Bauhaus' female students were then dumped into the weaving workshop, under the care of a disinterested master, in the hope they would disappear. Instead, they turned the class into a haven for women from where they shaped the future of the institution. Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, etc to help the channel out and, more importantly, validate me.