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The Advantages of Using Ceramic in Kitchenand Hotelware Accessories
Availability of online data is making individuals aware of health-related problems. In this scenario, the hoteliers and restaurateurs need to be selective about kitchen and hotelware accessories. You need to choose the cooking and serving items discreetly to offer healthful service to your customers. The earthenware is ideal for serving purposes. It is not a feasible solution for regular cooking in restaurants or hotels. The chefs need to prepare larger amount of foods in comparison to the homeowners. They also need to prepare these foods quickly. The clay vessels may rupture due to extreme heat or due to excessive use. The ceramic utensils are thus ideal options for use in the kitchen. TheIndian handicrafts exporters choose Delhi Fair India 2017 to bring a variety of ceramic items to thousands of buyers.

Non-Toxic Cooking
The chefs use high-temperature to quickly prepare foods at hotels or restaurants. The non-sticky cooking vessels contain a coating of Teflon. The Teflon coating starts to break down at high temperature. The breakdown of Teflon coating releases toxic PFOA and PFC gases. These toxic elements leach into the food particles and become the source of many physical ailments. The PFOAs/PFCs are known to cause thyroid problems, organ damage, birth defects, reproductive problems and cancer. The use of ceramic utensils releases no toxic elements into the food.
The ceramic is a non-metallic and inorganic material. The Indian craftsmen use earthen elements, water and powder to create the mould. They shape the mould and create a variety of cooking vessels/utensils. They use natural gas to burn the vessels at kilns. The use of natural gas eliminates the insertion of any toxic element. The method of burning increases the durability of ceramic items in comparison to the earthenware. You can also use the bespoke handcrafted ceramic utensils to serve food or to create unique interior décor.
Non-Metallic Structure
The ceramic’s non-metallic constitution makes the ceramic vessels ideal for any type of cooking. It is better than the aluminium or stainless-steel cooking utensils. The stainless steel is an alloyed metal. It may contain chromium, nickel, carbon, molybdenum and a variety of metals. These metals may release into the food after a few months of use due to steel’s degeneration. On the other hand, the aluminium instantly reacts to the salty or acidic food particles. Hence, aluminium vessels are unsuitable for any type of cooking or baking.
The absence of any metallic element turns ceramic utensils into the world’s healthiest cookware. The ceramic vessels release no toxic metal or chemical even at 2500-degree Fahrenheit temperature. You can use the cookware during baking or cooking without any worries.

Elegance with Durability
The handcrafted ceramic utensils not only allow you to serve the healthiest foods to your customers. They allow you to present these foods with a touch of elegance. The graceful designs of handcrafted ceramic pots, plates, cups and other serving utensils enhance the appearance of served items.
The ceramic utensils offer all benefits of earthenware with added advantage. The kilned items do not chip easily. It is possible for you to use these utensils for extended periods. The absence of frequent damage saves you from purchasing new utensils at frequent intervals. Hence, the ceramic utensils decrease your expenses with its unique utilitarian features. The ceramic utensils are ideal choice for kitchen and hotelware accessories due to these features.


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