Discos Compulsivos

Discos Compulsivos was a label i co-founded in 2007 focused on leftfield music. All releases where handmade limited editions mainly in cassette and cdr.
It was also my platform to organize shows and tours between 2006 and 2010. Here a list of some of the artists i worked during those years:
Silk Flowers (USA), Larry Gus (Greece), Breezy Nix (USA), Lucky Dragons (USA), Booga (USA), Andrew Bernstein (USA), Mir (USA), Shooting Spires (USA), Highlife (USA), Gala Drop (Portugal), Teeth Mountain (USA), Ducktails (USA), Tomutonttu (Finland), Cian Nugent (Ireland), Tv Budhas (Israel), Helhesten (UK), Chora (UK), Sic Alps (USA), The Skaters (USA) Eats Tapes (USA), Kalbakken (UK), Dan Bridgwood-Hill (UK), Za! (Bcn), Nisei (Bcn), Cuzo (Bcn) El Guincho (Bcn), Coconot (Bcn), Les Aus (Bcn), Nebur (Bcn), Zeidun (Bcn), The Joe K-Plan (Madrid), Dead Man on Campus (Bcn), Espanya (Bcn)...


Cristian Subirà

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