Discover Everyday / Burberry

To develop a 360 campaign for the new Burberry Rucksack to achieve cult status and become the ‘it’ bag of the season.
To inspire and empower the audience by uncovering the beauty within the detail, celebrating Burberry’s spirit of adventure and craftsmanship.
‘#DiscoverEveryday’ inspires and empowers the audience to seek for adventures in the everyday, which translates into an attitude when the rucksack is worn. Partnering with Instagram, Timeout and Citymapper to generate a campaign that integrates the online and offline into one experience, setting new benchmarks in social engagement and awareness.
The visual language leverages the form and function of the rucksack marriage with an honest tone of voice, to communicate the spirit of craftsmanship inherent in Burberry’s heritage.
The social media campaign partners with Timeout and Citymapper to recommend the audience to nearby heritage locations in real time. The aim is to encourage the audience to be spontaneous in the moment, by embodying Burberry’s spirit of adventure injecting excitement into their daily routine.
An interactive splash page that uses instagram API to show user content in real time when the hashtagged is leveraged. When the images are hoovered users can see the location and ‘like’ the photos, increasing the level of user engagement. The aim is to inspire users to explore unfamiliar territories and seek the beauty within the detail.

Team Credits

John Cubillan

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  • Freelance Designer


  • Burberry


    • Fashion and Textiles

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