Discover the Footage Trends Shaping Video in 2017

When we released our Creative Trends report in early 2017 we included four trends shaping the look and feel of video across industries. Based on Shutterstock search data and expert insights from our video team, these footage trends outline the styles and subjects that will dominate the landscape in the year to come.
The original trends reflect the changing nature of the workplace, technology that transports us, and the need to get away from it all. Immersive tech shows the stylistic transformation of footage as digital elements are incorporated. The rise of the mobile office sees the use of technology in every corner of the world, while wanderlust captures our thirst for adventure and a pivot towards experience-based consumerism. Finally, top view changes the angle to show us how things are made, altering the landscape for instructional videos and more.
But the year isn’t over yet, so we expanded our list to include even more footage trends that are rising in popularity. With video playing a significant role in marketing efforts and shaping a new form of communication, these trends offer insights for connecting with audiences and staying at the forefront of creative content.
Read on to see which trends we added to the list and how they’re being used effectively in the industry.

Sweeping Skylines

All-encompassing views of the world’s major cities are the ultimate establishing shot. These sky-scraping clips capture the manmade vistas of New York, Hong Kong, Rio, and more, setting the scene for any urban adventure.
Skyline shots are infinitely popular as a way to open scenes in TV and film. Netflix’s Master of None, which follows characters from New York to Italy, uses sweeping shots of these locations to ground the narrative, creating cohesion between the plot and the setting.

Video Portraits

A static portrait conveys a lot, but a video portrait does so much more. These intimate close-ups forge an instant connection with the viewer.
Apple has invested heavily in these quick, humanizing snapshots, featuring them in their excellentad campaign for portrait mode on the iPhone 7+.


Image by NADA GIRL
Once the domain of expensive helicopter shoots, the increasing popularity and accessibility of drones is contributing to the rise of aerials. These shots capture the view from above, displaying impassable landscapes and elusive angles.
Drones are democratizing aerial footage, and they’re becoming an indispensable part of video productions. Narcos, the streaming drama on Netflix, has used drones in every season to bring a sense of scale to the series and build the magical realism of the Colombia setting.

New Traditions

Image by Sergiu Birca
Old traditions turn into new rituals and routines. This footage marks evolving concepts of love and family that are transforming contemporary lifestyles.
A shifting narrative is widely apparent across advertising, as marketers move to connect with a fast-paced society built on changing values, ideals, and ways of living. Take Delta’s “4 a.m.” ad, which not only highlights authentic contemporary lifestyles, but also subtly captures a diverse array of families.

See all of our 2017 footage trends in the video below, made entirely from the Shutterstock footage collection.

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