Dissertation: Subversive Potentiality In Aztlán: The Emergence of a Queer Chicano Utopia

  • Caroline Roseberry Koktvedgaard

In 2017, I completed my undergraduate degree in English Literature at King’s College London with a First Class Honours. In my final year, I attained a First on my Dissertation, entitled "Subversive Potentiality in Aztlán: The Emergence of a Queer Chicano Utopia". My research focused on Chicano writers such as Cherríe Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa, and the intersection of Queer and Racial theories of Utopia in their writing. Here, you can read an excerpt of my dissertation. If you'd like to read the thesis in full, please feel free to email me at ck.roseberry@gmail.com.