Do you AGREE?

We never disagree online, ranging from terms and conditions to opinions on social media. We are always forced to conform. Dan Shearer and I created an interactive poster, made up of 45 A4 booklets, accumulating to a total of 1800 pages. The idea being when 1 page is torn down the content ‘AGREE?’ will remain the same but with slight changes - mirroring how Terms & Conditions alter ever so slightly, but do we ever read them?

To generate content we instructed fellow peers to individually create multiple variations of the word ‘AGREE?’- aligning to the terms & conditions set.

Terms & Conditions

-Must not take longer than 10.8 minutes to complete (the average time spent reading the T&Cs of social networks)
-Must be in B&W.
-The type must remain in the same layout & position as the initial template

Team Credits

James Sharpe

  • Message
  • Graphic Designer

Project Tags

  • privacy
  • exhibition
  • degreeshow
  • typography
  • interaction design
  • interactive print