'Don't Bottle Up' Campaign

  • Aurora Moruzzi-Lee

Campaign to raise awareness for men's mental health issues. Instead of approaching the problem overtly, is done subtly to encourage men to open up on their own terms, rather than pushing them to. Using Budweiser as the main sponsorship to create a real context for the campaign in everyday situations that will create the most effect.

DontBottleUp signage hanging outside pubs in association with the DontBottleUp Pubs Nights
DontBottleUp website to provide help and support for people who need it.
DontBottleUp campaign labels used on Budwesier bottles. They include subtle questions to prompt conversation such as 'who annoys you most at work?'.
DontBottleUp Campaign idea to visually show the impact of mens mental health issues by greying out crowd members. This would illustrate the percentage of men that suffer from mental health issues.