Drivetribe — A social network where petrolheads collide — iOS App

  • Nick Clement

I was brought in as the Creative Director and Product Design Lead and I led the effort of designing the experience and visual direction of the iOS and Android app. The mandate was to design a social network for petrolheads from the ground up. One part ML ad-tech, another part influencer platform and a community to cater for all types of petrolheads. The ‘tribes’ were groups of people interested in a particular motoring topic. One could engage with YouTube and TV motoring stars such as Clarkson, Hammond & May, and create your own tribe/community based around your motoring interests. It went on to grow to a userbase of over 1.5m and 19m uploaded video views. The company raised $12 million from 21st Century Fox and Breyer Capital off the back of the beta. Role: Creative Director, Product Designer Project: Startup, Social Network, iOS App Outcomes: Product Design, Product Strategy, Prototyping