Driving 2K sales & 3.5 million impressions for The Big Bakes

  • Cameron Dower

Who are the Big Bakes? The Big Bakes operate 3 different baking locations around the UK where people can book a slot and go use their baking facilities to create “the bake of the day.” Its popular with corporate teams and families. _ _ What did they ask me to do? Eloise & Adam asked to help The Big Bakes increase their reach and engagements on Instagram, alongside helping them build their mailing list and create hype around their new site. Alongside the general objectives, the main priority was to help support their existing marketing team. _ _ How was it approached ? I leveraged The Big Bakes facilities to create a tutorial series called “Quick Makes” that taught viewers how to make <2 minute bakes at home. Partnering this was regular updates about the new project site; recipes for users to save; and behind the scenes content that helped introduce the team. Finally the use of unique and interesting bakes across both Pinterest & Instagram created an aesthetic feed that allowed The Big Bakes to show off their baking talents with their followers. _ _ What were the results? (8 month campaign) • 3.5m+ impressions • 350K+ unique accounts reached • 2K+ ticket sales _ _ How was this achieved? The first notable change was to switch from video uploads to Reels and the impact was instant. The Big Bakes went from getting around 500 views per video to averaging 4-5K within only a couple of weeks. The “Quick Makes” series was rapidly established and became a core part of their social strategy. Doubling down on Reels continued the growth of the page, and when combined with effective CTA’s; clean editing; Teasing giveaways; ticket deals; and collaborations on not just Instagram, but TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook.