Dungeon Mountain

Dungeon Mountain is a tabletop dungeon crawler for two players.
All you need to play is paper, pens and a pal.
Dungeon Mountain was a really fun project that developed over a couple of years. It started out as a game that we could play just with paper and pens.
I developed the game with my partner Lyndsay Watts. We were travelling without internet when we came up with it.
After playtesting and researching more about the board game industry I eventually decided to release the project under a creative commons license. I designed a printed play book featuring illustrations, template dungeons and the rules. This is available to order from the website. Players can also download the template dungeons and a pocket rule book for free. I produced all the artwork and content for the game, along with the website.
Dungeon Mountain is now listed in a great board game database and community Boardgamegeek.com
Visit the Dungeon Mountain website here:

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