Dynamo Mortgages: Launch Copy (May 2018)

  • Caroline Roseberry Koktvedgaard
During my time at Dynamo, I was responsible for producing all written consumer-facing marketing assets, including our website copy and product copy. During my time at the company, I honed my skills in writing clear, precise consumer-facing copy to brief, as well as collaborating with SEO experts to optimize our web content. This has given me extensive experience researching, writing, editing, fact-checking, and proof-reading copy.
Since I started in September 2017, I worked to build the Dynamo brand through customer feedback, research, and ideation. I have been in charge of creating the Dynamo Tone of Voice, writing everything from scratch, and applying them across the business.
The below screenshots are from Dynamo's first consumer-facing website, which launched in May 2018.
The first example is from Dynamo's former homepage. The current homepage can be found at https://dynamo.co.uk.
The second example is from Dynamo's About Us page from May 2018. You can find the current About Us page at https://dynamo.co.uk/about.
The third example is from Dynamo's Rates Page from May 2018. The current version of the Rates Page can be found at https://dynamo.co.uk/mortgage-rates.
The fourth example is from Dynamo's Personalised Quote tool. This page is no longer being used by Dynamo.
The fifth example is from Dynamo's Mortgage Guides page. I not only produced the copy for this page, but also wrote the four branded content articles it houses. Below is an example article from the page.