Dyson V6 Cordless - Reset

Dyson V6 Cordless Reset –
Launch Web Special

Looking to the top SKU in the range as our hero product to drive home our point, with particular importance as the customer journey gets closer to the point of purchase, (online or in store). We want to drive people towards the top end of our range so that anything less feels like a compromise. With a simple premise, “to get our machines in peoples hands and then they immediately get it”.

Our creative response was to do exactly that, to build an immersive site that was as close to getting the V6 Cordless product in people’s hands. With POV CG, we wanted to emulate the V6 product usage, through its versatility and power in-situ that heightened the key features.

Visit the site: http://www.dysonv6.com/


Ben Raven

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